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In Less Than 11 seconds, it Drifted 25 Feet

During the summer season, a group of five took a boat out on one of the Great Lakes at about 12:00 am in the morning. After they were a couple of miles from shore, they thought they would have a midnight swim. All five of them.....before the vessel was anchored.

The moment the skipper hit the water, he realised what they had done. The moment he started furiously swimming towards the boat, it had now drifted 25 feet. His dead body was discovered a full week afterwards bobbing close to the shoreline.

A couple of the guests treaded water for 4 hours. Some early morning anglers saved them. The Coast Guard found the other people. They didn't make it through.

The vessel drifted around 8-10 miles south.

For those who have spent anytime on the water, whether it's a river, lake or an ocean, you understand whatever can occur, occurs very quickly.

At Columbia Vancouver Insurance, we'll cover you, your watercraft as well as your guests with the correct boat insurance you'll need for your boat.

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As tranquil as the waters seem is the time when bad weather may rear up or some other motorboat might lose a motor in the harbour and crash in to you.

A boating mishap can mess up your peace of mind, financial situation and in the scenario of the unfortunate men and women in the tragic tale previously mentioned, it might take your life.

For the cost of a couple of bucks per month, you'll be protected from virtually any disaster that happens on the water or to your watercraft.

At Columbia Vancouver Insurance we've covered the citizens of Vancouver from boating mishaps since 1995. We know our locale and the lakes and rivers within it.

Fill out the Protection Cost savings Form right away, before that watercraft launches. The experts at Columbia Vancouver Insurance will get in touch with you with boat insurance coverage that'll pay for itself in peace of mind in addition to dollars and cents.